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FlxWeapon is a comprehensive weapon manager for any game that involves shooting! It handles the creation, pooling and re-use of bullets. It supports:

  • Angled Bullets
  • Bullet Velocity and Acceleration
  • Sounds
  • Callbacks
  • Fire at the Mouse
  • Fire from the Mouse
  • Fire from a parent Sprite
  • Fire at a target Sprite
  • Fire from a fixed position
  • Fire to a fixed position
  • Set the firing rate (in real-time)
  • Bullet Gravity (!)

Use it FlxControl for a really powerful combo. Weapons can be stacked onto a single player, so there’s no reason they couldn’t be firing several of them at the same time.

Screen Shot

Code Example

//	Our players space ship
player = new FlxSprite(160, 200, AssetsRegistry.invaderPNG);
//	Creates our weapon. We'll call it "lazer" and link it to the x/y coordinates of the player sprite
lazer = new FlxWeapon("lazer", player, "x", "y");
//	Tell the weapon to create 50 bullets using the bulletPNG image.
//	The 5 value is the x offset, which makes the bullet fire from the tip of the players ship.
lazer.makeImageBullet(50, AssetsRegistry.bulletPNG, 5);
//	Sets the direction and speed the bullets will be fired in
lazer.setBulletDirection(FlxWeapon.BULLET_UP, 200);

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