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It seemed only natural to take the FlxBitmapFont and the FlxScrollZone tools and combine them – and this is the result! You can create a scrolling text field with one line of code. Pass it an FlxBitmapFont, give it a Rectangle in which to scroll and away it goes. You have control over the scroll speed, steps, the text that is scrolled (which can be updated in real-time), set the scroller to wrap or destroy itself once finished and only scroll if visible in an active camera.

Screen Shot

Code Example

//	Create an FlxBitmapFont in the usual way
font = new FlxBitmapFont(AssetsRegistry.bluepinkFontPNG, 32, 32, FlxBitmapFont.TEXT_SET2, 10);

//	Then create a scrolling text using it - this is just an FlxSprite, you can move it around, collide with it, all the things you can do with a sprite
scroller = FlxScrollingText.add(font, new Rectangle(14, 40, 292, 32), 1, 0, "WELCOME!   ");

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