Flod – JS/AS3 Tracker Replay Libs

Flod 4.0 and FlodJS 2.0

Released: 1st April 2012

Flod is a set of JavaScript and Flash/AS3 libraries written by Christian Corti that can accurately playback lots of different Amiga, PC and Atari ST music formats natively. It supports the following formats:

  • FastTracker II XM PC + DigiBooster Pro 2.18 detection
  • The Ultimate Soundtracker (Karsten Obarski)
  • DOC Soundtracker 9, DOC Soundtracker 2.0
  • Master Soundtracker
  • Soundtracker 2.3, Soundtracker 2.5
  • NoiseTracker 1.0, NoiseTracker 1.1, NoiseTracker 2.0
  • His Master’s NoiseTracker
  • ProTracker 1.0, ProTracker 1.1, ProTracker 1.2
  • SoundFX 1.0, SoundFX 1.8, SoundFX 1.9, SoundFX 2.0
  • FutureComposer 1.0, FutureComposer 1.2, FutureComposer 1.3, FutureComposer 1.4
  • SidMON
  • SidMON II
  • Brian Postma’s SoundMon 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0
  • DeltaMusic 1.0
  • DeltaMusic 2.0, Delta Music 2.2
  • Digital Mugician
  • Digital Mugician 7 Voices
  • David Whittaker
  • FredEd
  • Jochen Hippel (regular and COSO formats, 4 voices only)
  • Rob Hubbard

Christian has spent a long time preparing this brand new release. Before this version there used to be FlodXM for FastTracker replay, FlodES for extended formats, FlodPro for an interface and all kinds of files everywhere. With this release everything is consolidated together at last. One simple point of entry, one great playback.

HTML5 / JavaScript Download

This is a JavaScript port of my AS3 Flod library, it currently works only in Chrome (I’ve used version
17.0.942.0 to develop it), hopefully in the future other browsers will add support for the Web Audio API.


Flash / AS3 Download

The ActionScript 3 version of Flod requires Flash Player 10. It only adds a tiny footprint to the final SWF size. On the github repo you’ll find the new version and all previous releases, including the old Flod Beginners Guide, Flectrum, Flym and more.


There’s a great tutorial on getting started with Flod/AS3 on TIGForums.


Flym is an Atari ST YM format music replay class. YM files are typically created by Atari ST emulators, and are raw register dumps of the Yamaha soundchip. There are lots available for download and most ST emulators can create them by recording the music currently being played in a game or demo.

If you need to play Atari ST music, this is the only way to do it (short of converting a 5KB YM file into a multi-MB MP3 🙂

What’s New

April 1st 2012

  • new David Whittaker player
  • new FredEd player
  • new Jochen Hippel player (regular and COSO formats, 4 voices only)
  • new Rob Hubbard player
  • added DigiBooster Pro 2.18 detection to the XM player
  • Delta Music 1.0, fixed wrong sustain value
  • Delta Music 2.0, fixed Warfalcons-Intromusik 2 crash
  • Delta Music 2.0, fixed wrong restart pointer
  • Digital Mugician, fixed sample loop pointer (fixes Hoi Level 4)
  • Future Composer (Flod only), 1.0/1.3 was using the wrong waves
  • SoundFX, fixed effect 7/8 [step down/up] (fixes Forever Tonight)
  • SidMON 2, fixed effect C/F [volume and speed] (fixes Cool Module)
  • SidMON 2 was processing effects at tick 0, it shouldn’t 🙂
  • SoundMon, fixed buffer restore, most modules didn’t play at all
  • ProTracker/NoiseTracker fixed vibrato depth value not set at the beginning
  • Fixed and updated Flip/Unzip

Commercial Use License

The Flod range of classes were a huge amount of work, and as such if you plan on using it in a commercial SWF the author requests you make a donation (minimum of $5) towards the project. “Commercial” means anything that is going to make money. This includes (but is not limited to): Flash games seeking sponsorship, Flash games with MochiAds / cpmStar / or any other form of advertising, games you will upload to Kongregate or NewGrounds (if it contains their ads API), and all forms of Flash work sold to clients  / publishers.

If your SWF will not directly earn you money (for example using it for music replay in a demo) then you are free to use it without paying.

To obtain a copy of your license please make your donation (minimum of $5) by PayPal to: chreil at hotmail dot com – if possible include a link to your project (more for our interest in seeing how Flod is used than anything else). You will receive a license back by email.

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