We love to publish source code and tutorials and you’ll find plenty of them on this site. We’ve split them into 4 main sections:

HTML5 Game Development

We spend each and every day coding HTML5 games for clients big and small, so naturally we're building up a collection of articles around this subject:

  1. How we created the responsive HTML5 Art Tools for the BBC
  2. A first look at what iOS8 means for Phaser and Pixi.js (hint: bunnies, LOTS of them!)
  3. My HTML5 Game Development In-depth session at the Montreal International Games Summit 2013
  4. We're now Nintendo Approved Wii U HTML5 developers
  5. Our largest HTML5 game to date: Wolfblood: The Mystery of Stoneybridge for CBBC
  6. My Adobe Max session: HTML5 Gaming on the Mobile Web is now live on Adobe TV
  7. My Adobe Max slides: HTML5 Game Development for the Mobile Web
  8. Our 3rd NFL game - Guardian Training: Over Throw is now out
  9. Helping support their growing mobile traffic
  10. CBeebies First Time Online - Teaching basic mobile interactions through HTML5 games


Phaser is the open source HTML5 Game Framework we publish:

  1. Phaser Coding Tips 8
  2. Phaser Coding Tips 7
  3. Phaser Coding Tips 6
  4. Phaser Coding Tips 5
  5. Phaser Coding Tips 4
  6. Phaser Coding Tips 3
  7. Phaser Coding Tips 2
  8. Phaser Coding Tips 1
  9. Phaser v2.1.3 and Pixi v2 are out!
  10. Phaser goes to the movies

Flixel Power Tools

Flixel is a powerful game framework for AS3. Our Flixel Power Tools are a set of plugins that enhance Flixel in numerous ways: from physics classes to weapon handling, if you create games in flixel then the Power Tools are well worth checking out!

  1. Flixel Power Tools v1.9 Released
  2. Flixel Power Tools v1.8 Released - Let's get clicky
  3. Flixel Power Tools v1.7 - Kaboom!
  4. Flixel Power Tools v1.6 released including FlxControl
  5. Flixel Power Tools v1.5 - A monster of an update!
  6. FlxScreenGrab and FlxScrollZone added to Flixel Power Tools
  7. Flixel Power Tools v1.3 - Now Flixel 2.5 compatible!
  8. FlxHealthBar added to Flixel Power Tools

Flash Game Dev Tips Archive

Although no longer updated, the Flash Game Dev Tips were a series of articles about game development in Flash. They covered more global topics such as class interaction and building a shoot-em-up. But they also took a look at the human side of coding, including topics like keeping up morale.

  1. Flash Game Dev Tip #15 - Collectable Particles
  2. Flash Game Dev Tip #14 - How to create a Flixel plugin
  3. Flash Game Dev Tip #13 - Building a retro platform game in Flixel, Part 2
  4. Flash Game Dev Tip #12 - Building a retro platform game in Flixel, Part 1
  5. Flash Game Dev Tip #11 - The Flixel Display List Explained
  6. Flash Game Dev Tip #10 - Flixels Internal Structure and Performance Tips
  7. Flash Game Dev Tip #9 - Dealing with a lack of motivation to finish your game
  8. Flash Game Dev Tip #8 - Building a Shoot-em-up Part 3 - Return Fire
  9. Flash Game Dev Tip #7 - Introducing the Flixel Power Tools
  10. Flash Game Dev Tip #6 - Setting-up FlashDevelop and Flixel for the first time

ActionScript 3

Everything related to ActionScript3 can be found here. There are sub-categories including experiments, 3D, physics and particles. Sometimes demoscene related, often fun in nature, you'll find a raft of small snippets, tutorials and code. Although we now only code in JavaScript you can consider this our code lab archive.

  1. AS3 to TypeScript Conversion Script
  2. Sprite Path Maker for my Stage3D game
  3. Creation of a mobile App without the Flash IDE (for all FlashDevelop lovers)
  4. Using Flixel 2.5 and the Kongregate API
  5. Video of me coding Breakout in Flixel in 20 mins
  6. Flash Player 11 / Molehill Monster Link Round-up
  7. Paratroopers: Have a play and throw us your ideas please
  8. Pixel Smash Source Code Released
  9. Pixel Smash Test 1 - Smash the heck out of some pixels
  10. Mystery Case Files: The 13th Skull was made in Flash. Let's investigate ...

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