Flixel Power Tools v1.3 – Now Flixel 2.5 compatible!

Adam has recently pushed Flixel v2.5 from the dev branch to beta, which means it is very close to becoming the next master release of flixel.

A lot has changed between the previous version and 2.5. There have been significant structural changes, dead-wood pruned out, and a lot of really nice new features added including powerful cameras and game save / replay support.

There’s little point holding on to the past, so I have updated the Flixel Power Tools accordingly. They are now fully v2.5 compatible, and the library, Test Suite and all the Tests have been updated to the new format. I will no longer maintain the old 2.43 branch, and it will eventually be archived away. All new classes will be for v2.5+ only.

The Test Suite was also updated. I fixed the FlxColors Test 2, so it now properly works. FlxStarfield now has 2 new tests and supports both 2D and 3D starfields, and there is a new FlxButtonPlus test to show how to create custom buttons with roll-over events, callback parameters and more.

You can get the download from the Google Code Projects page as a zip file, or check out the svn project from there. Several people have been asking that I move it over to github. If you agree then let me know. It’s a lot of extra work maintaining both svn and git versions, but I personally am far more happy working in svn at the moment. Still, if demand is large enough I’ll spend the time required to learn git properly.

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