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  • Assembloids comes to the Atari XE


    Bear with me here. 3 years ago Ilija and I released a Flash and iOS game called Quartet. It was a curious little flixel powered puzzle game with cute pixel art and chip tunes. The concept was simple: move the bits of faces into the 4 quarters of the game to re-assemble the faces. The more complete the face, the better your score. Of course it gets faster and more furious until it’s game over.

    Fast forward a few years and RGCD published the game for the Commodore 64 as a proper commercial boxed title (yes, really!) as well as a free download.

    And now our little game seems to have jumped to another famous 8-bit from the 80s: this time to the Atari XE. Converted by Marek “Xeen” Cora of Agenda it’s a faithful looking reproduction indeed. Being the massive Atari fan I am this is great to see, and it’s great to see our games travel like this. We look forward to the full release (andĀ if there were enough hours in the day I’d convert it to the Atari ST myself too šŸ™‚ )

    Watch Assembloids XE on YouTube or read more about it on (in Polish, but Google Translate does an adequate job).

  • Indie Game Music Bundle 2 is here including the Cat Astro Phi soundtrack

    The Indie Game Music Bundle 2 is here. You can pay what you want for 5 indie game soundtracks including Aquaria, Sword and Sworcery, To the Moon, Jamestown and Machinarium.

    But if you pay $10 or more you’ll also get the complete soundtracks for another 9 games (so far!) one of which is the superb 8-bit soundtrack from our Gameboy tribute action adventure Cat Astro Phi, composed by the masterful Disasterpeace šŸ™‚

    Full details atĀ


  • Croco Magnet – HTML5 Retro Game Remake

    Denathorn Games have released this sweet little retro-remake: Croco Magnet. Based on an Amstrad CPC original you control a blue ball that bounces left/right (rebounding off any wall it hits) and must clear the level of radiation, while avoiding the “nasty green blob things”. I really like the fact that the game flip-screens when you hit the edge, it means you need to really remember several screens worth of placement in order to angle the ball just right. Works very well!

    The game appears to have been created using the JavaScript export feature of Monkey, a language we’ve blogged about in the past and has quite a following. I’m not sure of the current status as the official web site hasn’t had news posted to it for 9 months, but the community is alive and healthy. Performance for me was perfectly playable in Chrome and Firefox. There’s not exactly much movement going on, but that isn’t really the point. The point is that this is a fun, addictive little remake, the sort I loved creating in Flash, running purely in browser.

    Play Croco Magnet or read more about the Monkey programming language.

  • Outpost: Haven – Alien Breed for the Web generation. Screen shots and trailer video.

    The owl men are here, and they’re so very hungry.” – Gary Mason, former head of security.

    A distress call wakes you and your crew mate from C-Sleep. A suspected rad leak at the nearby Outpost space station needs investigating. Don’t worry, it should just be a quick jump in, jump out job…

    This is how Outpost starts. With you and your buddy exploring a space station. Ominous sounds coming from every corner, flickering lights making you feel as uneasy as possible, and a tense sense of foreboding hanging heavy in the air.

    But wow, what a way to start! Outpost:Haven is the latest Flash game from our good friends at Gaming Your Way. Inspired heavily by Alien Syndrome and the Amiga classic Alien Breed you get to crawl around a gloomy space station, trying to discover what happened while blasting the hell out of the aliens who’ve infested the place. Info-cards are waiting to be collected revealing a surprisingly deep story. Weapons can be customised via the terminals situated around the station, and new ones bought including the obligatory Aliens homage Pulse Rifle.

    Read More

  • Infinivaders by Sosker (Stage3D game)

    In these days of Flash doom and gloom it’s nice to bring you something as sweet as this little game. Infinivaders is now up on Newgrounds and is a Stage3D / Flash Player 11 shoot-em-up. Graphics and level patterns areĀ proceduralĀ generated. CodedĀ using the ND2D library for visuals and Flod for that lovely chippy soundtrack.

    Plays smooth, fast and furious here. Not a great deal of challenge until later on. But as theĀ game is only 50KB in size I’m not going to complain. Stuff that one in your pipe OccupyFlash and smoke on it.