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This class makes it painfully easy to quickly set-up controls for your game, and then it takes control over the motion and physics of your player sprite. Acceleration, deceleration, jumping, firing, gravity, cursor keys, WASD, IJKL, heck anything you like! It can cope with a lot. 2 players on the same keyboard? No problem, it’s just 2 lines of code!

It might seem strange to make a class for keyboard controls when Flixel makes it so easy anyway, but I promise this will save a lot of repeat code and maybe even add some features you always wanted?! 🙂

Screen Shot

Code Example

// The player sprite will accelerate and decelerate smoothly
FlxControl.create(player, FlxControlHandler.MOVEMENT_ACCELERATES, FlxControlHandler.STOPPING_DECELERATES);
// Enable cursor keys, but only the left and right ones
FlxControl.player1.setCursorControl(false, false, true, true);
// Gravity will pull the player down
FlxControl.player1.setGravity(0, 400);
// All speeds are in pixels per second, the follow lets the player run left/right
FlxControl.player1.setMovementSpeed(400, 0, 100, 200, 400, 0);

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