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  • PlayJam’s Stage3D Shoot-em-up

    This is a sweet little game from Pawel Kwietniak at PlayJam, that again shows that Flash devs seem to really like making shoot-em-ups with Stage3D 🙂 It runs smooth and fast on my PC at 1280 x 720 resolution. I really liked the vector semi-wireframe style graphics, and although the game isn’t complex it does have power-ups, different alien formations and even a boss fight.

    Have a play! And follow Pawel on twitter. Oh and when the game says “Press OK to Continue” it means “press Enter”.

  • Edge magazine on the world of Flash gaming

    Edge magazine recently ran a series of articles on their website about the state of Flash gaming. They interviewed people like Tom Fulp of Newgrounds, Chris Hughes of Flash Game License, and .. err .. me! It’s a really interesting read covering both the perception of Flash in this post-Apple/Jobs HTML5 tainted world, and where things might be heading. The article is split into 5 parts:

    Meet the developers

    Show us the money

    Doing deals with Chris Hughes (about Flash game sponsorship)

    Trouble ahead? (the HTML5 influence)

    The Future (Stage3D, Unity, etc)

  • Bad Eggs Online

    Bad Eggs Online is a new game from John and Rob Donkin. Think of it as a multi-player Worms clone. Only with eggs, an amazing range of weapons, and the kind of humour and sillyness that Worms should have evolved in to by now, but totally hasn’t.

    It takes advantage of the multi-player services provided by Player.IO and the registration and login process is seamless and cross-site. I registered when I tested the game on Newgrounds, but you can login anywhere – and now I mostly play on the official web site.

    There are various game modes including a classic 1-vs-1 duel right up to 6 players with 3 per team. Teams are split into Red and Blue and you never quite know who you’re going to fight against in a public match. You can make your own private battles too, and it gives you a code you can share via IM. There is much fun to be had playing with people you know, especially if they are in the same room – as Chris and I did in the Aardman office today, because there is a slight delay between your move and the other players witnessing it. So you can hear their evil cackle of glee several seconds in advance of watching your impending doom unfold on-screen.

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  • Sprite Path Maker for my Stage3D game

    While playing around with my shoot-em-up test for Stage3D I realised that I wanted my enemies to follow interesting and varied paths. And I wanted to create those paths visually. This is something I’ve needed in Flixel for a while actually, and although you can do it via the Flash IDE with motion guides, I knew I would eventually need more features, and also wanted to produce something that was free for all.

    So I started playing around and this is the result of my first experiment. It’s only a few hours work (can you tell?!) but I think it’s going in the right direction. Drag the nodes around, press SPACE to toggle the sprite preview.

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  • Flixel Power Tools v1.9 Released

    I’m pleased to announce that version 1.9 of the Flixel Power Tools is now live. This release was never about adding big sweeping new features. Instead I focused on maintenance and making it as solid as possible. Lots of the classes have been expanded and piles of bugs and edge-case oddities stomped.

    Updates include: Pixel perfect collision now works 100% even when both sprites are rotating.The new FlxKongregate provides a solid hook into the Kongregate API with all of their advanced features. FlxWeapon gained the ability for pre-fire and post-fire events, sound support, random factors, parent direction firing support, bullet elasticity, bullet counters and bullet lifespans. The control handler had some gravity issues squashed and new isPressedUp/Down/Left/Right methods added. FlxBar had a complete overhaul and is even more flexible now, with 2 new RPG style examples included: A Zelda-like life counter and an RPG Experience bar. Plus there are new tests in the Test Suite including a destructible terrain example.

    Read on to find out what Version 2.0 will bring to the table.

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