Phaser v2.1.3 and Pixi v2 are out!


Over at Goodboy Digital they’ve been working away on Pixi v2 for some time now. As Phaser is built on-top of Pixi we’ve a vested interest in what is happening in Pixi land and its implications for Phaser. And Pixi v2 is their latest, freshest release.

There’s a detailed blog post explaining all about it, but the headliners include:

  • Full High DPI canvas support
  • iOS8 WebGL fixes
  • Improved rendering performance across the board
  • Significant updates to the Graphics class
  • Sprite level shaders & more!

There have been a few Pixi API changes to accommodate all of this, but we’ve been able to blend all of these features into Phaser with no changes to our API, so nothing should ‘break’ if upgrading from an earlier build. Instead you just get to reap the benefits 🙂

As well as changes to Pixi there are also Phaser specific updates and fixes in this release, including little gems like Sound.fadeTo, BitmapData.getFirstPixel, BitmapData.getBounds, Rectangle.scale and more. See the change log for full details.

As usual you can grab the latest build of Phaser from github.

Premium Phaser Plugins

We’re pleased to announce that we have 3 new premium plugins for Phaser gearing up for launch. They are:

Phaser Box2D – Adds complete Box2D support directly into Phaser, with lots of help methods, over 50 examples and 5 demo games. Here is one of the examples in action:


Phaser Path Manager – Create complex motion paths for Sprites with a lovely visual editor and this new plugin. No longer rely on tweens for motion 🙂 Instead draw a path, with full branch support, path orientation, segment speeds, path events and more. This is a screen shot of the path editor that comes with the plugin:


Advanced Particle System – The particles included with Phaser are flexible and can create attractive effects. But Advanced Particles is a complete replacement offering professional level particle effects for your games. From multiple render targets, to bitmap caching to all kinds of events, emitters and properties.

Each plugin will come in a range of versions to suit all budgets and there are more on the way. Please visit the launch page to sign-up for notification as soon as they’re ready.


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