Paratroopers: Have a play and throw us your ideas please

In an unusual move I’ve released a bare-bones prototype of a game (embedded¬†after the jump), with the sole aim of hearing your feedback on it.

You control a cannon. Characters are descending from the sky in an attempt to bust-up your base below. If too many get down it will be Game Over (although not in this prototype) as they bash through your base. Right now the thinking is that you are supposed to “juggle” them off-screen rather than killing them.

Don’t be swayed by the soldier sprite, or title of the prototype. In actual fact we may go for something totally different aesthetically. Here is a concept sketch Ilija did. It shows where the characters could go graphically.

The idea being if you hit the baddies on the head, they “die”. It is their weak spot.

So please have a play and throw your ideas at us in the comments! Ideally focusing on where we could take the game play (the Recycle Bin?)

[swfobj src=”” width=”640″ height=”550″]

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