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  • Kaboom!

    I was pleased to read today that Seb Lee-Delisle has released a new version of his particles demos for AS3. While not really a match for Flint, it is always great to have choice, and sometimes it’s better to sacrifice the large Flint library in exchange for a much more light-weight solution such as this. It’s fast, works well and you can produce some really pretty effects with it.

    The downsides are a lack of documentation (basically work it out yourself from the source if you were not lucky enough to attend one of his great talks). But hey, that’s why you’re an AS3 geek, right? 🙂 The zip file contains numerous test files, most offering different style effects and all of the source to learn from.

  • If you thought Green Planet was cool ….

    Just check this out! Click the shots for the two demos. Definitely the fastest 3D I’ve seen done in Flash yet. Really state of the art, it blows everything else away. Apparently part of the Alternativa3D Engine. I really hope they release it!

  • AS3 Going’s On

    Flash on the Beach 2008 is coming September 28th. See you there!

    Francis Cheng has a fascinating blog entry about the new way you can use Object Initialisers in ECMA4

    Jack over at GreenSock has released two great new classes: TransformMatrixProxy and ColorTransformProxy – being a Shockingly Green Club GreenSock member I already had these 🙂 but it’s great to see them in the wild.

    The uber-particle system Flint has been updated to version 1.0.1. This new build changes the way the renderers work, allowing you to now specify how large the render target is (before it was the full stage size). Release 1.0 also included particle flocking, which is great fun! Definitely check it out.

    Over on the Adventures in Actionscript blog a new entry gives away the full source to a feature-rich AS3 pre-loader that includes MochiAd, MochiBot, simple Domain locking and a Vista style glossy progress bar. A nice little package. You can get the progress bar on its own if the rest doesn’t appeal to you.

  • Animated Amiga Tribute

    I was always an Atari boy myself, but I can’t help but smile and adore this charming animated video – created on an Amiga4000 by none other than the mega-mighty Eric Schwartz. Click for YouTube goodness.

  • Away3D Green Planet Demo

    Away3D Green Planet

    Everyone seems to be on the PaperVision hype train at the moment (and for pretty good reason), but it isn’t the only Flash 3D engine out there. Today the Away3D team released a new interactive 3D demo called Green Planet. I tested it on Firefox 3 (Beta 5) and was blown away. Graphically it’s rich, with nicely animated objects and a planet landscape to fly around (it’s under your control). There are interactive objects to pick-up, and the sound fits the whole thing perfectly.

    In short, you HAVE to try this out!

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