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  • Off to the beach we go …

    Everything is packed, all the tickets are in order, and very soon I’ll be heading off to sunny Brighton for 3 days of intense Flash on the Beach.

    My only concern is that lots of the sessions I want to attend overlap each other!

    For example I’d love to hear Joa Ebert speak about Audiotool, but I’d also like to hear Grant Skinner talk about general AS3 (they clash). Keith Peters also clashes with Rob Bateman 🙁 but the one I’m most upset about is that Andre Michelle clashes with what sounds like a fascinating session on SWF decompilation. That’s a topic I’m extremely interested in, but Andre is an ActionScript God, so I don’t doubt he’ll impart some excellent advice during his session.

    Damn it, I wish I could clone myself! 🙂

    Anyway if you’re there (or possibly even there already if you’re at the workshops!) then “Hi!” I’ll be there with two other Aardman dudes, and much enjoyment and learning shall ensue. I’ll post a report when I return next week as I don’t intend taking any hardware with me – I’m going to let my brain soak it all up and give my typing fingers a rest.

  • AS3 Going’s On

    Flash on the Beach 2008 is coming September 28th. See you there!

    Francis Cheng has a fascinating blog entry about the new way you can use Object Initialisers in ECMA4

    Jack over at GreenSock has released two great new classes: TransformMatrixProxy and ColorTransformProxy – being a Shockingly Green Club GreenSock member I already had these 🙂 but it’s great to see them in the wild.

    The uber-particle system Flint has been updated to version 1.0.1. This new build changes the way the renderers work, allowing you to now specify how large the render target is (before it was the full stage size). Release 1.0 also included particle flocking, which is great fun! Definitely check it out.

    Over on the Adventures in Actionscript blog a new entry gives away the full source to a feature-rich AS3 pre-loader that includes MochiAd, MochiBot, simple Domain locking and a Vista style glossy progress bar. A nice little package. You can get the progress bar on its own if the rest doesn’t appeal to you.