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  • The Polynomial : Space of the Music

    I found The Polynomial : Space of the Music while browsing Steam today, I had been working hard and decided to treat myself to a little slice of indie game fun, and this was top of the list. The beautiful visuals caught my eye instantly, looking a playable Apple OS X wallpaper. Then I watched the video in motion and was transfixed. £5.99 down and a few minutes later and I was having a gleeful time. Dipping in and out of 3d fractal flowers, diving around colourful spiralling rainbow twists, and trying my hardest to work out what the game was all about.

    In essence it appears to be a simple shooter, but while it starts out sedate enough there comes a point where you seem to be frantically fighting for your life. Your whole room glowing from the chunks of vivid exploding debris flying past. It reminded me a lot of the 16-bit classic Interphase (although without as much puzzle solving depth!) but this is really something you play for the visuals. I admit it looks like something that should have fallen out of Jeff Minters hard drive, but that isn’t the case, and it’s all the better for it.

    You can throw your own soundtrack into it, and the whole game will draw itself around that. Pulsating and winding in time to the beat. There are masses of beautiful screen grabs up in the Polynomial gallery, and I’d urge anyone who has an interest in beautiful playful environments, or fractal / mathematical art, to check it out. It’s as much about the easy creation of stunning images as it is a game, but that’s no bad thing.

    Available now on Steam for both PC and Mac, there’s a demo available too.

  • Robotz DX – A PC Remake of the Atari ST classic

    A long time ago I announced that I wanted to do a remake of a classic Atari ST game “Robotz” in Flash. Fast forward to today, and I still haven’t got around to it. However James Monkman (Heavy Stylus of RGCD) wasn’t as lazy as me, and set about creating this awesome re-imaging of the original.

    Although it’s for Windows PCs only (as it was created in Game Maker 8) it’s a mighty fine game indeed! A lot of the limitations of the original have been removed, and the gameplay is faster, more frantic and basically more fun as a result. Check out this cool video to see what I mean:

    The graphics are lovely, a faithful blend of rips from the ST original and some new pixel art. 505, Crazy_Q and Damo provide the stomping soundtrack.

    If you remember the original, you’ve got to try this version of it.

    Hell, if you just enjoy quality games – you’ve got to try Robotz DX 🙂

    Loads more info and the download here:

  • ImmorTall – or why I love Flash games

    I rarely blog about Flash games I’ve played. Very rarely in fact. I don’t really see the point, as there are a hundred other blogs out there willing to tell you their thoughts on what’s “hot and new” in the gaming world. Often full of useless suggestions about how the game could be “improved”. I’d rather you just play the games for yourself, use your own sense of judgement.

    Then I come across a game like ImmorTall. And I feel it warrants 30 seconds of your life to play it, and a few minutes of mine to write about it. Because it’s different. It dares to break a few conventions, to tell a story, to draw you into something you probably aren’t used to. To make you think.

    And I like that. I like that a lot. I like that Flash game developers have the balls to do this. To push boundaries, to redefine the very concept of “game”. There are no rules but their own.

    Then I read the comments from the knuckleheads on Armor. And I close my eyes, and a part of me inside breaks. Crushed by the realisation that there can be so many idiots on our tiny little planet.

  • Awesome Retroshoot 360 preview video

    Dave Munsies classic Retroshoot is coming back in full force as “Retroshoot 360 – Return of the Retronauts”. Here’s a special preview video. Watch it in HD if you have the bandwidth, because this is smegging awesome!

  • Scarygirl is out!


    The interwebs are exploding with this already (as can be seen by the massive slow-down of the Scarygirl web site!) but the awesome Scarygirl game is now available to play 🙂

    This is a truly gorgeous and incredibly well designed Flash platformer. There are hours of gameplay, even more if you stop once in a while to gasp at the beauty of it.

    I urge you to check it out: