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  • Assembloids comes to the Atari XE


    Bear with me here. 3 years ago Ilija and I released a Flash and iOS game called Quartet. It was a curious little flixel powered puzzle game with cute pixel art and chip tunes. The concept was simple: move the bits of faces into the 4 quarters of the game to re-assemble the faces. The more complete the face, the better your score. Of course it gets faster and more furious until it’s game over.

    Fast forward a few years and RGCD published the game for the Commodore 64 as a proper commercial boxed title (yes, really!) as well as a free download.

    And now our little game seems to have jumped to another famous 8-bit from the 80s: this time to the Atari XE. Converted by Marek “Xeen” Cora of Agenda it’s a faithful looking reproduction indeed. Being the massive Atari fan I am this is great to see, and it’s great to see our games travel like this. We look forward to the full release (and if there were enough hours in the day I’d convert it to the Atari ST myself too 🙂 )

    Watch Assembloids XE on YouTube or read more about it on (in Polish, but Google Translate does an adequate job).