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  • Mobile Device stats from my HTML5 Games

    Given the incredible number of new devices being released at the moment I was curious to see what people playing our HTML5 games were actually using.

    So I took the combined stats from 3 of our games over the past 3 months. That’s from 1st August 2012 to 31st October 2012. I discounted stats before this as I wanted a current snapshot of the state of the market. Here are the results. Update: These stats are pulled from Google Analytics, so are at the mercy of however Google handles device detection.

    Total Unique Plays: 1,146,132 (3 months)

    Device Breakdown

    As you can see it’s a battle between Android and iOS only. The percentage of people playing HTML5 games on BlackBerry devices is actually 0.17% and on Windows Phone it’s a paltry 0.095% (!)

    Having said this there are an increasing number of Windows 8 based phones entering the market right now, so it will be interesting to see how this statistic changes over the coming quarter. As for BlackBerry however that to me just looks like a lost cause.

    So let’s dive into the devices a bit deeper:

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  • First two weeks Abombinaball stats

    As I wrote about previously SpilGroup released my game Abombinaball on November 20th, so today I wanted to catch up and see how the stats were going – and to see which country was the most popular.

    Sadly when they released the game they got the width/height of the SWF wrong, which meant the graphics distorted and it was really hard to play (as you couldn’t even see your status bar). I think this has had a negative impact, and while they fixed it on their own portals, the fixes didn’t carry to all the other sites that seed from them.

    That aside I was happy to see that since November 20th (2 weeks ago today) the game has been played just short of half a million times (490,044 to be exact). That’s a healthy 35,000 plays a day. For me personally this is fantastic. The very thought that I took a really old and mostly forgotten Atari ST classic and bought it back to life so vividly makes me giddy with pleasure 🙂

    Strangely which country do you think liked the game the best? UK? US? Actually it was Spain, easily in the lead with 22% of the total plays. Poland came a close second with 17%. The worst performing country? Malaysia with a lowly 117 plays. Awww!

    As Spils exclusive deal is now over Abombinaball has started to be featured elsewhere, including being today’s top featured game on the excellent site. It’s only been live for a few hours but has a 4/5 rating from 80 votes already, which is great. The Gamezhero team did a wonderful job of making the game feel special on their site, so full credit to them. I have not included stats from this version in the above total, so it’ll be interesting to see how it compares.

    I’ve also submitted the game to GameJacket and Mochi today. I’ll add all of these figures into the next update when one month is up, so we can see how standard distribution via Mochi compares to the likes of heavyweight portal owners such as Spil.

  • Hi-Res – SWF performance stats with style

    Ricardo Cabello released a really nifty stats tracker the other day. Just download the file from his Google Code site, create the following folder structure: net / hires / utils and place the file into that. Once done you can import the package into your own code and make use of it.

    The end result? A beautiful little real-time performance display that looks like this:

    Hi-Res Stats

    The FPS gives you a current and maximum frame rate count (the maximum is derived from the stage frame rate setting). The MS is a micro-second counter. MEM is the total memory (in MB) your SWF is using.

    The cute little graph below that is a historical visualisation of these three things, so you can watch for spikes / peaks during activity. You can click the top/bottom of the stats to increase/decrease the stage framerate.

    Using it is as simple as adding one line of code:

    addChild( new Stats() );

    All I’d say is remember to make sure this happens on the TOP of all of the rest of your display list items.

    Link: Hi-Res Stats Google Code page

  • Colour Chain Stats – Part Deux

    Well for some reason AddictingGames didn’t consider Colour Chain “addicting” enough, and didn’t approve my upload. Oh well.

    On the plus side a few portals have started ripping off the GameJacketed version and posting it to their own sites. PuffGames gave me a respectable 4000+ plays in 24 hours.

    Best of all though are the stats from the site the game was actually created for – Shaun the – where the game has now topped 30,000 plays since its release a few weeks ago. I’m nearly finished on a new game for the site which will be released early June, so I’ll keep everyone posted.

    We’ve also picked up a contract from Cartoon Network to create a kick-ass game for a new show that debuts later this year. I can’t give any more details away other than the game will be a horizontally scrolling beat-em-up. Game design spec work starts this week, with a prototype shortly after. Definitely exciting stuff.