Hi-Res – SWF performance stats with style

Ricardo Cabello released a really nifty stats tracker the other day. Just download the Stats.as file from his Google Code site, create the following folder structure: net / hires / utils and place the Stats.as file into that. Once done you can import the package into your own code and make use of it.

The end result? A beautiful little real-time performance display that looks like this:

Hi-Res Stats

The FPS gives you a current and maximum frame rate count (the maximum is derived from the stage frame rate setting). The MS is a micro-second counter. MEM is the total memory (in MB) your SWF is using.

The cute little graph below that is a historical visualisation of these three things, so you can watch for spikes / peaks during activity. You can click the top/bottom of the stats to increase/decrease the stage framerate.

Using it is as simple as adding one line of code:

addChild( new Stats() );

All I’d say is remember to make sure this happens on the TOP of all of the rest of your display list items.

Link: Hi-Res Stats Google Code page

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