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  • We’re now Nintendo Approved Wii U HTML5 developers


    “Congratulations!  We are pleased to advise you that we are authorizing Photon Storm Ltd. for Wii U software development.”

    I don’t think I’ve ever received a more exciting email than the one from Nintendo that contained the above 🙂 We applied via their GDC2013 invite to develop games and apps on the Wii U using their new HTML5 APIs. After a quite lengthy approval process we were finally pleased to be told we had made it through.

    Our Dev Kits are in the process of being ordered, and although we’ve only got access to the documentation at the moment we can already see the power of what the Nintendo APIs will allow us to do. Obviously we’re tightly bound under NDA but we’ll talk about as much of the experience as we’re allowed to. And of course we’ll be making sure that both Phaser and Kiwi are fully compatible with Nintendo’s Web Framework. So keep your eyes peeled!


  • Baldy Dash is released – play it to win a Nintendo DS

    Baldy DashBaldy Dash is a game myself and the talented crew at Aardman Digital built. It’s to promote the new Shaun the Sheep Nintendo DS game “Off His Head” published by D3.

    It marks my second game released this month, and my 5th involving sheep, farmers and lots of grass 🙂

    The concept is similar to Star Fish – drive around, collect the wigs and avoid everything else. The sheep amble around the farmyard, trying their best to get in your way, slow you down and end your game.

    If you play this game on the official Shaun the Sheep web site (and are logged-in) it will enter you into a competition to win a Nintendo DS and copy of the game. Just make sure you have the highest score on the Competition leaderboard by the end of November.

    Click here to play Baldy Dash and read more about the development process.