Flod 3 Beta 2 Demo – SoundFX, David Whittaker support & more!

Christian threw a new beta of Flod 3 at me today, and the list of playable module formats just keeps on getting better and better! New in this beta is support for SoundFX 1 & 2 and all variants of the David Whittaker format. It brings the list of total supported formats to 18 (listed below).

He plans on adding support for Rob Hubbard, TFMX and TFMX 7 Voices formats – and I think that will complete the set for Flod 3! It will quite simply be the best mod/chip replayer in AS3. Heck, the replay quality of standard mods is already well beyond the likes of ModPlug. All it really needs is someone to wrap it up in a sexy AIR app shell, and we’ve got ourselves an incredible new multi-format mod/chip player.

Download the Beta 2 demo (550Kb) which includes 5 tunes: Another World Intro (SoundFX), Leonardo Intro (SoundFX 2), Shadow of the Beast Title, Wrath of the Demo and Xenon 2 Megablast (all DW variants). Needless to say it’s Flash Player 10 only.

The full list of formats supported by Flod 3 currently stands at:

  • Delta Music 1
  • Delta Music 2
  • Digital Musician
  • Digital Musician 7 Voices
  • Future Composer 1.x
  • Future Composer 1.4
  • His Master’s NoiseTracker
  • SidMon 1
  • SidMon 2
  • SoundFX 1.x
  • SoundFX 2.x
  • Brian Postma’s SoundMon 1.x
  • Brian Postma’s SoundMon 2.x
  • Ultimate SoundTracker
  • Generic SoundTrackers
  • NoiseTracker
  • ProTracker
  • David Whittaker (all)

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