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  • 9 Videos showcasing Flash 3D GPU

    As pretty much all Flash devs connected to the Internet now know, Adobe announced proper 3D GPU support for Flash at the Adobe Max 2010 Conference. Codenamed “Molehill” you can read all about it here. I’m not going to wax lyrical about how great this will be, but instead I just wanted to collect together all the great videos showing this new technology off.

    Max Racer

    The one that started it all, as shown in the Max 2010 opening Keynote.

    There are three videos featuring this game: The Multiplayer version, the Single Player version and a video introduction to what Flash 3D is all about (featuring this game) by Thibault Imbert.

    Ostrova Online

    From Alternativa, the same team who created the Max Racer game above, this is another showcase of their technology.

    There are two videos of this game: The original one (referred to as “Islands Online” on Twitter, but non-Russian speakers!) and this slightly newer one, showing the game scene from different angles.

    Metro 2033 Online

    The final video from Alternativa.

    View on YouTube.

    Doesn’t showcase much, other than a murky tunnel system and some nicely animated monsters. It’s apparently a turn-based browser MMO-game in the universe of “Metro 2033” novel by famous Russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsk.

    Zombie Tycoon Demo

    This is a lovely looking game demo of Zombie Tycoon by Frima Studio.

    Featuring half a million polygons, 500 zombies and some beautiful shadow and lighting effects, this is certainly exciting stuff! There are two versions of this video: The first is from the blog of Jean-Philippe Auclair who works for Frima Studio. His blog entry is a fascinating read because it gives some juicy technical details. His version of the video has the HiRes Stats component visible in the top left, so you can get a good idea of framerate / ram (in the HD version at least!). The second video is the official one which is similar, but without the interesting stats 🙂

    Disconnected Demo

    Last but not least is a new demo created by the Away 3D guru Rob Bateman and the Flash demo crew EvoFlash.

    Take a trip around a (rather grey looking) city. Flying cars zoom by, water reflects the world, and then a giant purple metaball drops in and explodes the place into bits. Lovely demoscene music to boot.

    I can’t wait to see what else is coming! I also can’t wait until this is in public beta. FlashPlayer 11 is going to be a real game changer for game developers at long, long, last.

  • Blockparty 2010 Invtro and the Opensource demo engine evoTinyEngine

    Blockparty is an annual demo party held in the US, and 2010’s is about to hit in a few months time. As with all good demo parties there is usually an invitation demo to announce it, and to whet the appetite somewhat. This year EvoFlash created this little beauty, and of course it’s AS3 to the core:

    I’ve not been to a demo party since 1999, but boy does this make me wish I could be there. Nice one guys, nice one.

    There are some lovely effects as you’d expect. Evoflash have been at this for years now, and obviously have a highly streamlined demo pipeline going on. With impressive pre and post render effects; gorgeous blooms, radial blurs, reflections and shadowing. And what’s more – they have released it as open source, free for demo coding plebs like me to use!

    Called evoTinyEngine it’s a small framework that offers you three core elements: Assets, the main Engine and Modifiers. The Modifiers can be stacked up on-top of each other. The Engine handles the construction and destruction of all the Modifiers for you, and there are some really nice things ready to use. Everything is based on 16th note beats, which allows for tight syncing with the audio in your demo.

    I haven’t dug through the code much yet but I’d be willing to bet there are some insane routines in there, that would be well worth studying for game development as well as demos.

    (Now let’s see if this blog post kicks off a 20+ comment flame war about “is it really a demo?” yadda yadda … 😉