Superb video review of Cat Astro Phi from Indie Games Searchlight

I was really buzzed when Mark Carr of Indie Games Searchlight sent me a message on twitter saying he had something cool I may like to see. Naturally this perked my interest. And sure enough a few hours later he delivered! It’s a truly fantastic video review of Cat Astro Phi.

I’ve embedded the video below, or you can watch it here.

My thanks to Mark for an excellent video and fair review! I really liked the way he fed lots of mini factoids into the piece, collected from my blog entries, tweets and NG comments. Research, that’s what it’s all about 🙂 and hey, he even nearly pronounced Ilija’s name correctly. Almost.

You can follow Mark on twitter or Indie Games Searchlight on

Posted on February 8th 2011 at 11:38 pm by .
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