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  • Retro Fusion Issue 3

    Retro Fusion is a 72 page full colour magazine dedicated to retro and homebrew gaming. The first two issues were published years ago but it has recently enjoyed a revival via a successful IndieGoGo project that we were happy to support. My printed issue arrived today and it’s a great read. Some of the features include:

    • Jon Hare talking about the ‘Over Use of Sci Fi’ in games
    • A detailed look back on the Alien films and the games associated with each episode
    • The Top 10 SCI FI Robots and Cyborgs within Film
    • The best of the SCI FI related games
    • From Screen to Toybox – a look at the most popular toys that have been spawned by movies
    • Plok – a look back at a forgotten Pickford Brother’s classis – includes interview with Ste Pickford
    • A brand new SCI FI game by Jonathan Cauldfield written especially for the issue with a background ‘epic’ story – the game is called Encyclopaedia Galactica.

    We also took out a rather fetching half-page advert, so if you buy a copy look out for that 🙂