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  • Glitter Thrust

    I was playing around with Flint 1.0.2 and a bit of Asteroids ship code that I had (from the Keith Peters AS3 Animation book.) I had the emitter following the ship, leaving a nice particle trail as it went. And then it occurred to me – why not make the particle renderer a mask for an image? A couple of minutes later and the end result surprised even me! Fly around with the cursor keys, as you do so your ship will push the swirling black smoke away revealing the picture behind, leaving a trail of shiny glitter particles as it does so.

    [swfobj src=”” width=”550″ height=”400″]

  • Playing with Flint

    Damn I love messing with Flint – it is one seriously cool particle system 🙂 This is a little test I threw together tonight in about half an hour (includes creating the planet image!). Leave it for a few seconds to see the planet trail burn up, and then just click anywhere you want to re-position the gravity well!

    [swfobj src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″]

    Code wise it’s extremely simple:

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  • Flint 1.0 released

    Flint Logo

    Wow this is turning into a great week for AS3 developers everywhere! First we get treated to TweenMax, and today Richard Lord goes and releases version 1.0 of the Flint Particle system. Flint is definitely one of my favourite libs to play with, and allows you to easily add some great effects to your game with little overhead. I used it extensively in my last game Colour Chain, both in the main menu and to explode the blocks when you get a chain. Easily one of the most important components in my AS3 toolkit.