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  • Phaser 1.1.4 (“Kandor”) released. Check out the new features and roadmap.

    We planned to release Phaser 1.1.4 towards the end of 2013, but as with all the best laid plans that never quite happened. As we dug further into it we found some key areas that we desperately wanted to update and as we travelled deeper into the rabbit hole more and more things were changed. After weeks of intense work, refactoring, testing and example building we finally broke the surface and 1.1.4 has moved from dev to master on github.

    There have been some significant internal API changes, so if you had a game in build under 1.1.3 please be aware of these before blindly upgrading! Here are some of the headlines:


    New SAT Based Physics System

    The previous physics system relied on AABB for all collision. It was fast, but very limited. You couldn’t use circles, rotated rectangles or create slopes of any kind. We do still plan to use a full proper physics system in Phaser 2.0, but in the meantime we felt that we really needed to give our current one a shot in the arm, and this is the result.Utilising SAT.js internally you can now create much more complex collision shapes and responses. We also made some large changes to the way the delta timer and integration works and added a bunch of new debugging features too.

    New Tilemap System

    The tilemap system in 1.1.3 was ok, but had some strange limitations. For example if you rotated a sprite it would often pop through a tile into the other side and there was no support for the more advanced features from the Tiled map editor. The new tilemap system resolves the vast majority of these issues. It uses a much more robust ‘edge chain’ for collision detection. It supports multiple tilesets per map. It supports tile specific callbacks and properties defined in Tiled are carried over into Phaser. You can now turn a whole group of tiles into a group of Sprites with one command and mix layer order around with ease. We’ve still more work to do with the tilemaps, but on the whole it’s a marked improvement over the previous version.

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