Sticky Chicky Chew Chew – Chickaboom is Released

I’m pleased to say that after what feels like a very long time our new game Chickaboom is released. It’s quite a departure from our usual style of game. We dropped the pixel-art look of previous titles and dove head-first into the casual end of the pool. The result is a quirky but quaint one-button chain-reaction game, that has you popping chicks out of the sky with huge floating balls of bubble gum.

We’re not really sure why you do this to the chicks to be honest. It just seemed like a fun thing to do. The original prototype featured bubbles rising out of a sink / bath. But during development I found a random sprite laying around un-used in a sprite sheet of a little yellow chick. Thinking it could look quite funny having those popping out of the sky instead I threw it into the game, and voila Chickaboom was born.

The game is currently up on and other Spil partner sites, but as they’ve screwed up the pre-loader with their adverts I’ve embedded it onto our own site too. Have fun playing, feel free to leave some feedback and be sure to check out the Development Trivia – oh and of course the Credits part of the game features our usual trademark of Ilija and myself being in there – this time trapped in bubbles. Try clicking us? 🙂

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