Cat Astro Phi gets Byte Jacked

I love watching ByteJacker. It’s funny, it’s irreverent, and they cover indie games well. So colour me impressed, when not only do I enjoy almost 5 minutes worth of awesome Retro City Rampage footage, but they then cover Cat Astro Phi in the quick-fire indie round-up section. Kick ass!

They seem to mostly show the shooter part, which is a shame as that’s the most minimal sequence of the game. But it is great to see Jonesy and the spaceman getting byte jacked all the same.

You can find it in Episode 110. If you want to skip right to it (and don’t, because Retro City Rampage looks so freaking excellent) then hit the 6:25 marker (the third white dot on the timeline).

Oh and this episodes music features Disasterpeace, just like Cat Astro Phi does 🙂 The track is from his new album Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar

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