FlashDevelop 3.1.0 released

It still pains me when I see Flash developers coding huge chunks of ActionScript in the IDE or some text editor that offers precious little more than syntax colouring. I don’t consider the code insight of editors like FlashDevelop a “nice to have”, I consider them vital in making me a productive developer. I can spot syntax / structure errors faster, I can jump back/forth between methods/classes. I can see an overall organisational tree of of my project, allowing me to organise my classes as best I need.

I find the mentality that this is somehow “wrong” more than a little disturbing. It’s like HTML developers who claim they only use Notepad, as if that’s some kind of badge of honor. It’s not. It’s a badge of stupidity.

For quick tests the IDE is fine. For anything serious do yourself a favour and use a proper tool. You may be surprised at how much faster you get stuff done as a result.

In light of this I was really happy to read that Flash Develop 3.1.0 is out. It has some awesome new features, multi-project support being my absolute favourite. Here is the official change list. Download link at the bottom.

  • Real MXML completion implemented
  • Flash Player 10.1 and Flex 4 support added
  • Initial simple refactoring support added
  • Global excluded directories added to Tasks
  • Embed generation now added for all filetypes
  • Proper file encoding behaviour without BOM added
  • HTML ZenCoding implementation added (Control + B)
  • Output panel is now searchable (Highlight, F3 and Shift+F3)
  • Simple multiproject support with batch compiling added (1*)
  • Compiler constants and timestamp added now automaticly
  • Code completion is now fed with classes from SDK sources
  • Japanese localization added (Settings -> SelectedLocale)
  • HaXe on demand completion added (patch from filt3r)
  • Additional keyword groups added to the config
  • Code completion improvements and bug fixes
  • General UI improvements and bug fixes

Grab it from here.

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