Getting Creative with JavaScript

Since March 2012 I’ve been a regular contributor to the CreativeJS site. The site aims to showcase stand-out creative uses of web  technology as well as offering a growing collection of tutorials. As you may expect I tend to drop mostly gaming and demoscene related articles 🙂 Here’s the list so far:

Get bitten by the Lunch Bug
Visual 6502 and the Microchip Archaeologists

JsExe – JavaScript Compressor

Grand Theft Auto WebGL

Score Rush

Wizard of Wor

Radiotheraphy Demo by Alcatraz and Scoopex

Lux Ahoy

VIP 2 Demo by Popsy Team converted to WebGL

Trigger Rally – online Edition

If you only check one, please check the top article – Lunch Bug, a brief review of the great new game by Lost Decade Games.

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