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  • Gaspunk Sketches

    Just some research for a project I’m working on in my spare time.

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  • 16×16 Pixel Art Tutorial

    Apparently pixel art is cool once again, and if you are reading this blog, chances are, you like pixel art. As my first actual article on the site, I thought I’d make a little tutorial on how to pixel your own 16*16 sprite, that you can use as a favicon for your website or game. There are many ways to go about pushing pixels, and this is just one of them. Sadly, this tutorial will not teach you how to draw or come up with nice ideas, sorry. Also I will not go into program-specific details, you need to have some basic familiarity with the software you want to use.

    Fire up your app of choice (mine is GraFX2, but you may be more comfortable with Photoshop, GIMP or what-have-you), and make a new 16*16 pixel document.  Done? OK, now take my hand and I’ll walk you through the steps of pixeling a frog.

    Step 1 – OUTLINES

    What to do:
    Using black colour, make a little drawing inside the bounds. Now, 16×16 pixels can seem like a very small space, and it is, but it will teach you the first lesson of pixel art, to make each pixel count.
    Make sure your drawing is fully articulated and readable at this stage. If you start with a bad drawing, no amount of polish will be able to save you.

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  • Lebosna Neštad – Infostan Music Video

    Recently I’ve had the pleasure of making a video for one of my favourite songs by punk prodigies Bolesna Štenad. Excuse the crummy video quality, I’ll upload a HQ version at some point.

  • SoundBytes, round 9

  • Tolerate Intolerance

    Sketches for 3D modeling practice