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  • Phaser 1.1 is released! New API docs, 150+ examples and hundreds of updates


    We’re really pleased to announce that Phaser version 1.1 was just released and pushed to the master branch of our github repo. We’ve worked extremely hard on this release to make Phaser the most stable and powerful 2D HTML5 game framework we can.

    Here are some of the headline new features:

    API Docs are live!

    We know these were a long time coming, but we’ve finally documented nearly every part of the framework with jsdoc3 and published the resulting docs as well. So you can at least now look at the docs first before having to dig through the source code to figure things out. We’ve still got more work to do in this area, but it’s a great start.

    150+ Examples!

    We’ve got a brand new Example Test Suite, with a great design, two display modes (full stack or side-by-side) and over 150 different examples for you to work through. We’ve tried to cover all of the core features of Phaser, there are even little mini games included (some in more complete states than others) and lots of demos.

    What’s more, we’re looking for new Examples to add to our collection and we’ve got prizes for the best submission each month 🙂

    Enhanced Arcade Physics

    The Arcade Physics system that ships with Phaser has been almost completely rewritten. It’s now considerably more robust than before, the Sprite update loop has been heavily optimised and refined, and collision is now a lot more stable. Gone are the ‘jitters’ and potential wall-sticking of the previous release!

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