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  • Phaser games in Ludum Dare 28

    Ludum Dare 28 took place over the weekend of December 13th – 16th 2013 and saw a staggering 2064 entries. The theme this time was “You only have one” and as usual this theme was pushed in many different and wonderful directions. It was the first LD to take place with a true post 1.0 release of Phaser available, and while I was hoping that a couple of devs may enter Phaser made games, I had no idea that over 20 of them would!¬†And those are just the ones we know about, there may well be more.

    Forum member XekeDeath did a fantastic job of collating them all in a single forum thread, with links to each of them. It was great to see the creativity and some truly polished entries. There were also number of ‘first timers’, their first time entering LD and in most cases their first use of Phaser at all! The fact they managed to pick-up a brand new framework, and code a complete game in it, in just 48 hours is pretty staggering.

    Congratulations to everyone who entered. Here are a few screen shots from some of the games. I’ve played them all and left feedback on the forum, but if yours isn’t on the forum please tell me. Do check out the full list. I’m very much looking forward to the next LD! And of course Global Game Jam in early 2014.

    Monkey Rally

    Monkey Rally

    One Sword


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