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  • Doom ported to Flash Player 10

    Remember the ID Software classic Doom? Well it has been ported to AS3 / Flash Player 10 and can be played here on Newgrounds.

    This isn’t some “let’s try and remake Doom in Flash” game either, it is literally the original game running at a very smooth frame rate, in your browser, in Flash. This is possible due to the release of Adobe Alchemy at MAX08 the other day – Alchemy is a C/C++ compiler for the ActionScript Virtual Machine2.

    Alchemy was created to allow developers to run chunks of code that require optimum performance (such as transcoding and data crunching). But this just goes to show how powerful it really is.

    You’ll need Flash Player 10 to play the game, and a decent spec PC/Mac too. But wow, it’s an incredible sight to behold all the same.