A sneak peek at Dungeon Darts

We’ve been busy working on our own titles recently, along way a raft of games for the BBC, and one of our new titles is called Dungeon Darts. It’s part of my series of games where I tried to think what sort of bar games would take place in a stock Tolkein fantasy land. In this outing we’ve got dwarfs playing darts, using jewel encrusted daggers and a dragon emblazed dart board ­čÖé┬áHere’s a WIP of the title page:

The game art was created by Ezra Allen,┬áso if you’re ever in the need of quality 3D modelling or illustration then drop him a line. We hope to have the game itself released in the next couple of months.

Posted on September 17th 2012 at 11:13 pm by .
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