The 8-bit Rocket auto-biography is out

20 man months of work.

Copious amounts of writing, editing, re-writing, re-editing and editing once more.

Stacks of demo games and hundreds of lines of quality source code.

All to make this the finest 650+ pages of AS3 game development ever commited to dead tree.

Jeff and Steve, the 8-bit Dynamic Duo have done it! Their book is finally out …

The Essential Guide to Flash Games: Building Interactive Entertainment with ActionScript

Despite having a slightly odd title (how many games have you ever played that weren’t interactive?!) this book looks awesome. I’ve pre-ordered my copy from Amazon UK and will give it a proper write-up when received. I have major respect for people who hold down full-time jobs / families, and still manage to produce such a mammoth book as this.

There is a bit of blurb on the Friends of Ed web site about it, although not as much as I would have liked. For example no contents listing, no sample chapter, a poor quality cover image and no index even. Given how many books on web development FoEd produce it begs the question why their own site is so shit. But I digress (and hopefully they will update this page over time). So for now the best place to learn about the contents is from the horses mouth so to speak, here on the 8-bit Rocket.

Congrats Jeff and Steve – I wish you all the best with sales. All you have to do now is stop calling my games advergames and the world will be perfect 😉

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