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  • NetStream bytesTotal weirdness

    While working on a custom video player project today I noticed a strange anomoly with the bytesTotal value returned by a NetStream object loading data from a local cache.

    The first time you play a remote FLV via NetStream the bytesTotal result is correct, it’s the size of the file as sent by the server. However once the FLV is in the users local cache, and the SWF was reloaded, the bytesTotal value was reporting a size of 4 GB exactly until the stream had “settled down”, and then it returned the correct value. This seemed to take a second or so at most, but it still meant that my code needed changing to cope with it.

    After making the connection I was storing the bytesTotal value in a uint. An event based check was comparing this uint with the bytesLoaded value waiting for them to equal each other (i.e. get to 100% downloaded). Of course this would never happen, because it was waiting for 4GB worth of data to download.

    So rather than assigning the value to a variable I’m now simply comparing bytesTotal directly with bytesLoaded and then setting a Boolean if they match (downloadComplete = true) to avoid future comparisons.

    Even so, it was an interesting oddity I thought worth reminding myself of in the future. Hence this blog entry 🙂

  • OEcake (2D Octave Engine fluids sandbox demo)

    Ok so you need a seriously monster PC to run this – but, bloody hell – just LOOK at it!

    Maybe one day in Flash.. 🙂

    PC and Mac download from here if you feel so inclined:

  • Game Creator for Android

    The company I used to work for have been busy hacking away at Google’s Android platform over the past 3 months, and they’ve just released this cool video onto YouTube showing what they achieved:

    Very nice indeed! I wish them all the best in the competition – although secretly I hope they don’t win so they can concentrate on making something for Flash 😉

  • PaperWorld3D Goes Open Source

    PaperWorld3D, a game engine for developing virtual worlds and MMOGs in Flash, went open source last week. Based on existing open-source projects like PaperVision3D and Red5, the engine is available under LGPL. The Electric Sheep Company is using PaperVision for a current project, but working with an Ogoglio backend. For newer developers or those with less resources, though, the open-source engine project could be very attractive. John Grden, founding member of the projects, presents a demo below at Flash in the Can Amsterdam:

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