PixelBlitz Engine

PixelBlitz Engine was a game framework for Actionscript3 created by Norm Soule and Richard Davey. It provided quick and easy access to game-related features such as sprite handling, pixel blitting, collision detection, bitmap fonts, game related math, keyboard and mouse handling, parallax scrolling, filter effects and more.

Development of PixelBlitz has finished and the project is now cancelled.

All development focus has been switched over to flixel and the Flixel Power Tools.

If you still wish to look at PixelBlitz then the last version is in our Subversion repository:

svn checkout http://pixelblitz.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/pixelblitz-read-only

The Google Code project is here: http://pixelblitz.googlecode.com but please download it from svn, not the zip file as that is horrendously out of date (although neither are updated any more!)



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