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Flod is a set of JavaScript and Flash/AS3 libraries written by Christian Corti that can accurately playback lots of different Amiga, PC and Atari ST music formats natively. It supports the following formats:

  • F2Player (FastTracker II XM)
  • STPlayer (The Ultimate Soundtracker, DOC Soundtracker 9, Master Soundtracker, DOC Soundtracker 2.0)
  • MKPlayer (Soundtracker 2.3, Soundtracker 2.5, NoiseTracker 1.0, NoiseTracker 1.1, NoiseTracker 2.0)
  • HMPlayer (His Master’s NoiseTracker)
  • PTPlayer (ProTracker 1.0, ProTracker 1.1, ProTracker 1.2)
  • FXPlayer (SoundFX 1.0, SoundFX 1.8, SoundFX 1.9, SoundFX 2.0)
  • FCPlayer (FutureComposer 1.0, FutureComposer 1.2, FutureComposer 1.3, FutureComposer 1.4)
  • S1Player (SidMon)
  • S2Player (SidMon II)
  • BPPlayer (BP SoundMon 1.0, BP SoundMon 2.0, BP SoundMon 3.0)
  • D1Player (DeltaMusic 1.0)
  • D2Player (DeltaMusic 2.0, Delta Music 2.2)
  • DMPlayer (Digital Mugician 4 & 7 Voices)
  • DWPlayer (David Whittaker, this player is in beta and it doesn’t support all the variants out there)
  • YMPlayer (Atari ST YM Chip)


HTML5 / JavaScript version: https://github.com/photonstorm/FlodJS

The Flash / AS3 version: https://github.com/photonstorm/Flod

Includes: Flod, FlodPro, FlodEx, Flod Beginners Guide, Flectrum and Flym:

FlodXM Alpha 3 for AS3: https://github.com/photonstorm/FlodXM

FlodJS – JavaScript / HTML5 Version

You can find full details about the JavaScript version on the FlodJS Github page: https://github.com/photonstorm/FlodJS

Flod and FlodPro – Flash / AS3

Flod is a set of AS3 classes that allows you to play Amiga tracker music (Soundtracker and ProTracker) in your AS3 / Flash Player 10 games and demos. It has full support for:

  • 15/31 instruments
  • All effects up to ProTracker 2.3 including Inverse Loop
  • A500 and A1200 filters
  • Play / Pause / Resume controls

Flod adds less than 10kb to your SWF file size and uses very little CPU for replay as you can see embedded below:

[swfobj src=”http://sandbox.photonstorm.com/flod/FlodDemo1.swf” width=”426″ height=”426″]

FlodPro is a ProTracker style replay interface (screen shot below) which includes a cool flectrum effect. You can use this to test modules in or as the base for your own mod player. It’s just a nice bonus package that Christian created – you don’t have to use it in your actual games! Think of it as a lovely interface to the Flod class itself.

FlodPro v1 Interface

Flectrum (included in the download) is a full Sound Spectrum class allowing you to generate beautiful vu meters or link sounds/beats to in-game events.

There is also a Flod Beginners Guide showing you how to replay music in either FlashDevelop /Flex or Adobe Flash CS4. Two versions of each are present – one that just replays a module, and one that displays the flectrum (vu-meter) as well.


FlodEx is another set of classes that replay the slightly more esoteric Amiga formats, including:

  • BP SoundMon
  • Future Composer
  • Delta Music 1
  • Delta Music 2
  • SidMon 1
  • SidMon 2
  • Digital Mugician

If you know you have a specific need for any of the formats listed above, then FlodEx is for you!


Flym is an Atari ST YM format music replay class. YM files are typically created by Atari ST emulators, and are raw register dumps of the Yamaha soundchip. There are lots available for download and most ST emulators can create them by recording the music currently being played in a game or demo.

If you need to play Atari ST music, this is the only way to do it (short of converting a 5KB YM file into a multi-MB MP3 🙂

Flod 3

In the Flod package you’ll find a folder called Flod 3.0 RC. This is the Release Candidate of Flod 3 which was Christians attempt to merge all of the above (Flod, FlodEx and eventually FlodXM) into one single package to avoid confusion for developers.

We’ve included it on github to try and keep it as the central place for all things Flod, but you should test it first to see if it replays your music correctly before implementing it into your game or demo. Flod 3 does support some music formats not supported by the above players including HisMaster, SoundFX, David Whittaker Format 1&2 and splits out support for NoiseTracker, ProTracker and SoundTracker into 3 classes. It’s recommended that you try using this package first, and if the replay isn’t quite how you expect it to be, drop back to one of the above.


As the title implies this is a FastTracker 2 (XM format) player written in pure AS3. Fast Tracker and later FT2 was created by legendary demosceners Mr. H and Vogue of Triton (now Starbreeze Studios). XM format music was popular in the 90s and used in many commercial games including Unreal and Deus Ex, as well as widely in the demoscene.

FlodXM brings this power to AS3 and while it’s currently at Alpha 3 stage release, it already has pretty formidable playback quality.

The JavaScript version of FlodXM has very accurate XM playback.

Commercial Use License

The Flod range of classes were a huge amount of work, and as such if you plan on using it in a commercial SWF the author requests you make a donation (minimum of $5) towards the project. “Commercial” means anything that is going to make money. This includes (but is not limited to): Flash games seeking sponsorship, Flash games with MochiAds / cpmStar / or any other form of advertising, games you will upload to Kongregate or NewGrounds (if it contains their ads API), and all forms of Flash work sold to clients  / publishers.

If your SWF will not directly earn you money (for example using it for music replay in a demo) then you are free to use it without paying.

To obtain a copy of your license please make your donation (minimum of $5) by PayPal to: chreil at hotmail dot com – if possible include a link to your project (more for our interest in seeing how Flod is used than anything else). You will receive a license back by email.


Flod, FlodPro, FlodEx, Flod Beginners Guide, Flectrum and Flym: https://github.com/photonstorm/Flod

FlodXM Alpha 3: https://github.com/photonstorm/FlodXM

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